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Creamy Grilled Sandwich

#mayosandwich #cheesysandwich #grilledsandwich Everyday the big challenge is to decide what to cook today for breakfast. I will rub my eyes, open by refrigerator door and stand there staring deciding what best I can utilise for today. Sometimes it’s weird when the fridge is empty and I still keep on staring thinking something might still …

Family outing after 7 months.. and this is how we enjoyed.

Being in a lock down for more than 7 months we were still very sceptical on taking this trip, we are happy that we did as it turned out really great. On Friday my daughter hurt herself badly. While she ran with a glass bowl in her hand.. She lost her balance and fell down …

Meetha Pulao | Zarda Pulao | Sweet Rice | Mishti Bhat | Mom’s Recipe by Flavors

Zarda a traditional sweet dish is made with aromatic rice, food colouring, sugar and flavoured with cardamom, cashew, dry coconuts, nuts etc.
One of my favourite and delicious dish from royal delicacies.